the concept : bike delivery of bio flowers in Brussels

We work with small Belgian producers, often organic, who love the land, flowers from here and in season. Their organic flowers, they pick them for us or we will pick them at home. And for each bouquet, high the hearts tells you where each flower comes from.
Every Friday, high hearts imagines two bouquets - a country and a precious - in 15 copies each. 30 bouquets in total, not one more, just to take the time to do them, to put a lot of poetry ... And let the flowers grow in the fields.
On Fridays, at 10 am, we post the picture of bouquets online. You order before 2 pm and the fabulous bicycle couriers of Hush Rush take care of the delivery of bouquets in the 19 municipalities of Brussels. haut les coeurs !
flowers = happyness
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the bouquets

30 bouquets, not one more, and local, seasonal and organic flowers produced by small farmers here: you order before 14h, you will be delivered by bike before 18h in the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

le champêtre

Organic dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, achillea millefolium, scabiosa, limonium, agastache, dill, verbena Buenos Aires, sage and basilicum grown in Anderlecht, asters grown in the Netherlands.

37 €, with bike delivery this friday, between 2pm and 6pm, in the 19 municipalities of Brussels.


viva mama !

Bucolic and soft bouquet, depending on seasonal flowers at the market. Bike delivery on Sunday 12th of May.

45 € the bouquet, bike deliveries on sunday in the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

the objects

Flowers, but not only ! We love to associate with small creators and labels who share the same spirit as haut les cœurs. Exclusive collaborations and limited editions.

the brooch

Brooch haut les cœurs x Les précieuses in limited edition. In resin and brass, it is handmade with love in Brussels.
55 €
, with delivery by bike in the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

the sweat

OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON Sweat haut les cœurs x Negentish in organic coton and embroidered in Brussels. Navy blue or soft pink, unisex.

75 €, with bicycle delivery in the 19 municipalities of Brussels.






the subscriptions

You want to give yourself a bouquet (or two, or three ...) per month,
to flower your business every week, to cover your beloved with flowers every Friday?
Contact us at coucou@hautlescoeurs.be,
our subscription plans have the art of being personalized and making hearts light!



You want a bouquet another day, to bloom an event, to know more or to cry out loud haut les coeurs (oh yes again!)? Send us a message to coucou@hautlescoeurs.be


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